• Carita Miller

Have You Heard Erica B?

In my never ending quest to find great independent music I was lucky enough to stumble across Erica B Her music is warm and inviting, sexy and dark and well produced. She’s become one of my favorite artists and I’m sure you will enjoy her music as well. Fresh off the heels of her latest release “Bad Dreams” I was able to catch up with her, here is a bit of our conversation. CM: How would you describe the music you typically create EB: I would describe my sound as euphoria for your ears and mind.. Dark, relaxing, hypnotic sounds based off what I feel... CM: What is your creative process like? EB: I do not usually plan a song because I never write anything down or like to feel as if it’s scripted. When I’m strongly feeling something inside at that moment with no premeditation that’s when I sit in front of the mic instrumental already in place I put on my headphones and say whatever is on my mind without worrying about if it rhymes or if anyone will like it. I only aim to express what I’m truly feeling inside. I usually lose track of time and find myself creating consecutively for hours without looking away from the screen. CM: Who’s your favorite artist right now? EB: I don’t have any specific favorite artists but I enjoy finding new music of all genres.. We go through phases mentally and emotionally so my interest in what i listen to constantly shifts CM: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

EB: The internet has created a pathway for independent artists to have access to everything that a large corporation could offer. With supporters, networking, online music distributions, access to monetize, copyright and publish everything themselves opportunities are limitless. CM:If you could change anything about the industry what would it be? EB: There are a lot of things I could disagree with, but I wouldn’t change anything just incorporate more truth. Erica B. is definitely an artist to watch. He musical honesty and dedication will keep her career going in the right direction. Check out her latest release Bad Dreams on all streaming platforms.

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