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When I first heard PJ Morton’s music I got a warm feeling on the inside. His music is thoughtful and inviting, it reminded me of the rare air occupied by greats like Stevie Wonder and Sam Cooke. I know that’s a humongous comparison but I think over time he’ll live up to it. I’ve spent hours watching his videos on YouTube where he plays his piano and effortlessly sings. His music is smart and sexy and very soulful. I’m excited over PJ Morton because Soul music needs an injection of new talent. Just about everything on radio we hear is hip hop inspired. Now, don’t get me wrong I love hip hop but there’s nothing quite like good soul music. Soul music never gets old, it doesn’t age. And I think that’s a missing link in today’s music...That's why I'm happy that we’ve got this new maverick to continue the legacy. But it shouldn’t come as a secret, PJ Morton has an excellent pedigree. He’s the Son of famed Pastor Paul Morton and a member of Maroon 5. With that kind of resume how could he go wrong? I recently got a chance to see him live in concert and he was nothing less than incredible. Experiencing him live, I didn’t realize just how much I missed good soul stirring music. Even better, was when I got a chance to speak with him. Here is a bit of our conversation. CM: Did you feel pressure to be a Pastor considering who your Dad is? PJ: Yes, in the beginning there was a little pressure. But after a while the pressure became support. It wasn’t like I was rebellious or anything, I was just being myself. CM: So you were signed to Young Money Records? PJ: Yes, I went to high school with the President of Young Money so it was natural to do a deal with them. It was a good experience, I did a song with Wayne and learned how major labels work. CM: Tell me about your experience being a member of Maroon 5? PJ: I’ve been in the band for eleven years, those guys are like Brothers to me. It’s been an amazing experience. We just put out a new project and we’ll be touring soon. CM: Where do you get your inspiration from? PJ: Coming from a Gospel background and being in a Pop Band my inspiration comes from everywhere. I stay open to be inspired from many directions. CM: Thank you

PJ Morton is the future of Soul Music! If you haven’t checked him out you’re missing a rare treat.

He makes we’ll crafted and intelligent music that will be around for years to come.

Soul Music is in good hands with PJ Morton.

Trust me…

P.J. Morton preformed live at The Aretha Franklin Amphitheater August 4th with special guest BJ the Chicago Kid

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