• Carita Miller

Issa Vibe #7

It's giving all dope artist vibes of course! Here's another playlist of 25 new artist that I've come across and wanted to eagerly to share with you guys. As Associate Music Editor, this playlist marks the 150th artist to date that I’ve introduced to you guys. Once again serving in my purpose as “The Lady with the Golden Ear.” I hope you guys enjoy the music as much as I do. The lady with the Golden Ear promises not to disappoint you! #theladywiththegoldenear#approved#stamped#newartist#vibes#associatemusiceditor#beautifulmachinemagazine#may2022edition

This month playlist features music from @mackkeane @amaalnuux @sickpen @pinksweats @torikelly @norelleiam @sobhhi @9nhyn @billymaree @amalougistics @col3trane @iamluckydaye @arealogi @kendy.x_ @dominiquemarydavis @parkerxlouis @callmesaygrace @femmeitforward @layaface @fivioforeign_8fs @eliderbyx @6lack @fanahues @maliavibes @asia.0 @brays.anatomy @cheecru @sim0nealex @therealchurch_ @myiahlynnae @jazmine @gourtymaxx @slimwav

click the here to listen via @beautifulmachinemagazine or click here to follow my Spotify page for more dope playlist just like this one!

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