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One of my main goals as “the lady with the golden ear” is to keep you updated on the dopest upcoming/most underrated artist. That’s why the name was given to me because I have such a ear for good music and I’m always turning my friends on and I take complete pride in doing so. The saying is “people who introduce you to new music will live in your life forever.” I’m just here to make my mark💃🏽👂

Today I introduce @samohtmusic. He’s been taking the independent world and turning it upside down. He’s definitely one you want to tune into. His soulful sound, coupled with his ability to control his range from high to low notes and the versatility in his writing skills completely sets him apart from many of the artist today. He’s one that stands out in the crowd.

I recently had a chance to interview Samoht not long ago, which I’m completely excited about! Click here to read the full interview and please be sure you connect with @samohtmusic and let him bless you musically! Oh and yes you can Thank Me Later!!!! 💃🏽👂💫 #beautifulmachinemagazine #associatemusiceditor #theladywiththegoldenear #samohtmusic #interviews #rnb #independentartist

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