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Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending a screening of the movie #UNTRAPPED, held at the imagine theatre Royal Oak. The theatre, packed with mainly young men from the Detroit area and the amazing panel of men including @troy.Muhammad @brianmckinneysr @streetlordrook @payroll_giovanni @djbj3525 @_skillababy who spoke to about their personal “untrapped” stories and delivered a powerful message to the youth who sat listening attentively. Major s/o to the sponsors for this dope free community event @firstladytonesa @allthewaymskay @thehoratiowilliamsfoundation @amazonprime @primevideo Hosted by @itsmestewe @masonradio313

The movie, “Untrapped,” is a very well put together story about one of today’s most influential rappers, Lil Baby. It included several interviews, archived family videos and footage from his childhood.  The movie was very good and enlightening and gave a lot of insight on the rappers upbringing.  After watching this movie, I can honestly say that I’ve gained a whole new found respect for Lil Baby! He’s definitely in this game for the long haul!!!  @qualitycontrolmusic @qualityfilms @briansher18 @coachk44 @qcfilms @qcmceo_p

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